Cyrtochilum serratum

Cyrtochilum serratum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Cyrtochilum (Cyrtch) contains 50 species of terrestrials separated from Oncidium for technical reasons. They grow at high elevations in the Andes from Venezuela, Colombia and south to Ecuador and Peru. Keep cool and moist.

Cyrtochilum serratum grows in western Ecuador in mountain cloud forests at high altitudes. It is cool to cold growing and has a very long, spectacular spike.

I got this as a gift as a pair of rootless backbulbs. Very collectable.

08/07/2008 - Removed original backbulbs and repotted.

06/16/2007 - Roots are developing nicely. I repotted it to move the new growth to the center and took the plant picture.

04/01/2007 - I noticed a new growth. That's exciting!

TRIBE: Maxillareae     SUBTRIBE: Oncidiinae