Brassia Rex is a very popular primary hybrid. The seed parent is Brassia verrucosa, the pollen parent is Brassia gireoudiana. The plant grows well in intermediate conditions and bright light.

The thing to watch out for in growing Brassia Rex is leaf pleating. There is a time when new growth is very quickly growing that it is critical that the plant get enough water. If not, the leaves form pleats.

This Brassia Rex had pleated leaves. I cannot blame anybody else, I did it. As the weather warmed up in spring I did not increase watering quickly enough. It stayed in the winter watering schedule past the time that the new growth started, and by the time I noticed it was too late.

The only cure for pleated leaves is time. So fast forward years of much better culture. I divided the plant taking two leads as new plants. These two backbulbs were all that remained of the original plant.

I got out a clay pot and put a pad of sphagnum in the bottom. I casually tossed the backbulbs in and promptly forgot about them.


Seven month update. While doing a bit of spring cleaning I was wondering if I really wanted to keep these backbulbs. Brassia Rex is ok, but not really part of my collection. That's when I noticed the new growth.

Is it too soon to pot this up? Probably, but I did it anyway. It is potted in a plastic pot in rock. The new growth is right in the center of the pot and the rocks were carefully settled around it. I will still treat it as a backbulb.

The new growth is still quite fragile. To give it more time to develop, I put it back under the bench. The light is a little brighter but not much. It is on a humidity tray where I keep the plants I am watching.