Lycaste aromatica grows in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras with a scent of cinnamon. It is cool to warm growing along rivers in oak forests.

A friend gave me the parent plant. It was not in very good shape. There were no viable roots although there were leaves on the youngest pseudobulbs. My original intent was to clean it up and try to grow new roots on the plant as a whole. When I repotted it I found this backbulb attached to the plant only through a dead section, so I separated it entirely.

This Lycaste grows in mountains in shady forests. It is not really a tropical orchid despite growing in Central America. This is a factor because it did not seem to be a plant where 100% humidity would help.

I got out a small clay pot and put a thin pad of sphagnum in the bottom. I added the backbulb and surrounded it with rocks to support it.

The whole thing went under the bench. This took place in December and the natural growth period for the plant is late spring and early summer, so I don't expect much to happen until then.


Six month update. A green tip appeared against the edge of the pot. I tipped it out and found that there was a new root also. When compared to the original photo (top) the pseudobulb is partially hydrated.

It is now potted in a plastic pot with smaller rocks. It is higher in the pot and the new growth is in the center. The root threads remain untrimmed since they are still useful in holding the plant steady.