Encyclia Green Hornet 

Backbulbs are not for the impatient. A healthy orchid plant has three to five pseudobulbs. If you start with one pseudobulb, you can see that it will take awhile to bloom. But having a backbulb come back to blooming is a wonderful feeling.

A case in point is the Encyclia Green Hornet on the right. It was 3 1/2 years from getting a rootless and leafless backbulb to seeing the flower. The first year the pseudobulb was very small. The second year was better and it formed a sheath. It took until the third growing season for it to bloom.

Each of the plants in my collection has its own page. There is a separate list for backbulbs. And there are lots of pictures that I have taken. Finally, there is a blog where I will let you know what is going on day to day.

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