Sphagnum moss without the bag

The goal here is to maintain moisture around the area of the pseudobulb where new growth will form. This is done by taking a comercial humidity tray and covering it with a layer of sphagnum moss.

I want to keep the sphagnum moist without being sopping wet. I use a pump sprayer and any excess flows down into the tray below the grid. I have not really had a problem with the tray filling up.

This Panarica brassavolae grows in wet mountain forests in Central America. I have one backbulb group (shown on the right) and another single backbulb potted in only rock. I am waiting to see if both activate new growth.

I am using that small clay pot to prop the pseudobulbs so that the base remains in contact with the sphagnum. A good alternative plan for a smaller group of backbulbs is to put them in a clay pot sitting on the sphagnum.

And of course I made a tag for it. More than once I have thought I would remember the species of a backbulb and been wrong.